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Get 1-on-1 fitness, performance, and preventative medicine services from a Doctor of Physical Therapy delivered right to your home, office, or locally partnered gym.

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Here's how it works


Pick a time, place & provider

Receive fitness, performance, and rehab services at your home, office or locally-partnered gym, at a time that suits your schedule, from a doctoral-level specialist of your choosing.

Begin a personalized membership

We'll design a comprehensive membership plan that provides you with the personalized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle programming to strategically meet your exact needs,

Move, feel & live better 

LEAP Health understands how to assist those with specialized considerations such as age, past injuries, or advanced fitness needs to achieve their goals and improve their lives. 

Reclaim control of
your health.

Staying fit, active & healthy can be difficult to do alone. LEAP Health can help, on your terms.

At LEAP Health, we specialize in partnering with you to feel, move, look and live better; all while maximizing convenience, enjoyment, and quality of care with our innovative treatment model.

Say 'hello' to...

Doctoral-level health and fitness providers

Highly-personalized, 1-on-1 services & programs

Sessions at your home, office or a partnered gym

Family-like support and guidance

Say 'goodbye' to...

Disinterested health and fitness employees

Minimal assistance and no follow-up

Wasting time in traffic and waiting rooms

Generalized advice, programs and exercises

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Whether you're a business executive or a stay-at-home parent, we will help you reclaim control of your health, on your schedule.


Don't let age limit you or a loved one. Our doctoral-level providers understand what it takes to keep you fit, active and independent. 

Kids &

Kids & teens are not just mini-adults. We provide the specialty care they need to improve many aspects of their physical health.

Want to get 3 personalized, specific and actionable tips on how to improve the health and fitness of you or a loved one? It's absolutely FREE!

Heard about our 'Drop with Doc' program?

LEAP Health's President, Dr. Jeff Cremonte, intentionally gained over 20 pounds just so he could guide you first-hand through a FREE online health program. If you're looking to become healthier or drop some unwanted weight in 2020, join him along the way!