About Us

Changing how you get and stay healthy.

We are Doctor of Physical Therapy providers who specialize in fitness, performance, and preventative medicine services. We offer high-end membership programs through private in-person appointments or through our custom mobile app for online health services.

Specialized Fitness & Performance Training

We get bodies feeling strong, moving better, and looking great.

Weight, Injury & Pain Management 

We factor in previous injuries, current aches & pains, and weight-management goals into our services.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

We guide and advise on how to eat, shop, cook, and live in a more health-directed fashion.

Injury, Disease & Disability Prevention

Because of our medical background, we can help prevent injury and disease with age.

This is what LEAP Health does.

This is what we do.

Work smarter, not harder.

In the modern world, we must evolve how we get and stay healthy. That's why we developed our innovative 'L.E.A.P.' health programming model. It takes a proactive approach towards your health and uses personalized, comprehensive, and sustainable concepts to optimize your health and fitness.


We take the time to educate you on the scientific principles and facts related to your goals. We strive to not only be providers of effective programming, but also personal movement advisors, health educators, and preventative medicine consultants.


Exercise is the key to attaining any physical health goal. Whether you are a competitive athlete or an aging adult who is trying to maintain your independence, our providers are experts in exercise prescription and will get you on a customized, researched-backed, plan


We prioritize treatment and recovery methods that facilitate your timely adaptation towards a stronger, more mobile, and healthier body. With our strategic planning and recovery techniques, we help prime you for long-term success.


As movement experts, our providers are able to create your care plan to specifically address your performance goals. We work to improve and maintain your physical health so you can keep doing all the activities that you love; on the field, at the trail or around the house. 

Our Background

LEAP Health was founded in 2019 by Jeffrey Cremonte, DPT, PT, CSCS. He now serves as LEAP Health's president and chief clinician. For more information on Dr. Cremonte, please CLICK HERE.