Drop with Doc

Kickoff 2020 by dropping weight and improving your health alongside LEAP Health's president, Dr. Jeff Cremonte.

No, seriously. Dr. Cremonte intentionally gained over 20 pounds just so he could lead you through a health program so you can drop some unwanted weight for yourself along with him.

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Crazy, right?

Let us explain...

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August 2019
165 lbs

December 2019
187 lbs

The Idea

In an effort to motivate, educate and assist you in improving your health, Dr. Cremonte intentionally gained over 20 pounds so he could systematically show you first-hand how to lose it. We've made a free Facebook group for you to join where Dr. Cremonte will make posts that show the exact process on how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, scientifically-proven fashion. Dr. Cremonte became frustrated with the trend of misinformation, fad diets, and with some health and fitness professionals putting themselves on a pedestal while working with patients/clients struggling with their weight management.

The Background

If you want to lose weight, where do you even start? It can be a difficult process to navigate. To make matters even more challenging for you, the internet is littered with tons of misinformation and half-truths about health, fitness, and weight-loss, yet very little direction to guide your efforts. Even health and fitness professionals often come up short. Why? Because most have not gone through a weight loss journey themselves, or simply lack a deep enough understanding and the practical application strategies to help real people be like you be successful. LEAP Health and Dr. Cremonte wanted to find a way to change this.

The Goal

By the end of this free program on our Facebook group, you will have not only made progress towards your weight goals, but also become more knowledgeable, confident and skilled to manage your health and weight going forward. Dr. Cremonte was an overweight child and teen, but was able to improve his health after years of formal education and experience on both the personal and professional side of fitness and wellness. He's invested over a decade of his life and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to acquire the weight-loss knowledge, experience, and skill set that he now possesses. Now, he's eager to guide your efforts and help you achieve your goals!

August 2019

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December 2019

Flex AFTER.jpg

June 2020???

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Let's do this, together.

Join the Facebook group now!

Dr. Cremonte has planned a 5-month series of posts to educate and show first-hand his step-by-step process on how to effectively lose weight. Follow along with him as he applies concepts such as exercise & nutrition management, key lifestyle modifiers, and all his expert-level tips so you can lose weight and improve your health with him!

What is LEAP Health anyways?

LEAP Health is a membership-based fitness, performance, and preventative medicine service. Our team of doctoral-level providers partner with specialized clients to help them achieve an array of health, fitness or lifestyle goals by utilizing our innovative "Learn. Exercise. Adapt. Perform." or "L.E.A.P" treatment model and modernizing the delivery of care to their home, office or a local partnered gym facility. 


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Let's do this, together.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity! Just join the group, take in the expert advice at your own pace and get results. Use the group to post questions, update your progress, share stories and more. And remember: it's 100% FREE!