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Dr. Jeffrey



President of LEAP Health

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Kids & Teens Specialist

Aging Adult Specialist

Hello, friends! Dr. Cremonte here. Thanks for your interest in partnering with me to improve your life! I have an eclectic background as a physical therapist, fitness professional, and avid sportsman. This experience allows me to utilizes a comprehensive approach to address complicated and diverse needs that vary across the lifespan. From helping kids develop health-maintenance skills, to assisting older adults perform better after an surgery or stroke; I have had the honor of working with people with a wide range of needs to improve their lives. I understand that your health needs to be addressed from a "big picture" approach, and I am eager to help you be successful in improving your fitness, nutrition, pain, physique, activity performance and more!

I grew up in Pinckney, MI before becoming a graduate of Duke University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program and Grand Valley State University's Clinical Exercise Science program. Because my family has experienced the hardship of having unhealthy relatives suffer as they age, and because I am a former overweight adolescent/teen turned fitness & health professional, I have a deep passion for the health and fitness industry. I am prepared and motivated to help you reach your goals... let's do this!

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Focus Areas

  • Youth fitness, weight management & sports performance.

  • Aging adult fitness, performance, and wellness.

  • Injury, disability, and chronic condition prevention

  • Health management for executives and working adults/parents.

  • Recovery from injury and return to activity or sport

  • Strength and conditioning for elite athletes


Duke University

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Grand Valley State University

Clinical Exercise Science (BS)

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)


  • Experience in various pediatric/youth settings, including the Helen Devos Children's Hospital Healthy Weight Center.

  • Experience with exercise prescription, nutritional and lifestyle modification for persons across the lifespan (ages 5-95) 

  • Currently a part-time physical therapist in West Michigan


Grand Rapids, MI

Brighton, MI

Online Coaching

Available for Online Health Coaching 


Available for home, office and/or gym appointments in eligible locations

Full Service

Offers a full range of fitness, wellness, recovery and performance services

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