Membership plans that suit your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

Strategic Plans

LEAP Health will work with you through monthly membership plans. This allows you to receive consistent service over a period of time that will lead you to the sustained results you want to achieve. Real results take time and consistency.

Ultimate Customization 

During your consultation call or visit, we'll get a better understanding of your specific goals, interests, and scheduling needs. We then work with you to strategize a plan for services, appointments, and pricing. Membership plans are tailored just for you.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing will depend on the specifications and customizations of your personalized membership plan. Memberships are customized to fit any budget and can be canceled at any time. For more information on pricing, check out our FAQ section later on this page.

Take a look at what's included:

Book a free consultation call or visit to get an exact pricing quote and to see if LEAP Health is right for you.

Consultation visits include movement testing, pain screening, and a doctor's report with findings  (usually a $150 value)!


Membership FAQs

Click the drop-down tabs below to get more information on some of our most frequently asked questions. Didn't find what your looking for? Contact us


Will LEAP Health take my insurance?

LEAP requires out-of-pocket self-payment. We focus on individualized, highly-personalized services that are free from insurance company restrictions.

Am I able to 'cancel' once I purchase a membership plan?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Starting a membership plan require a deposit that is equal to the cost of two appointments. Upon completion of your membership, your deposit will be used as payment for your final two appointments. If you cancel or do not finish the duration of your membership, the deposit will be forfeited.

If you paid for services in advance (full or monthly), and you choose to cancel, you will be refunded the cost of the appointments that have not yet been utilized. REMEMBER: If you enroll in a 3 or 6-month membership, you may pause your membership or even transfer your appointments to others, so cancelling may not be necessary in some cases.

Can I get a membership on behalf of my spouse, parent or child?

Yes! Give the gift of a healthier life by registering a loved one with LEAP Health. Our providers will work closely with them and you to help them address many areas of their physical health. Book a consulation to begin this process!

If am not ready for a membership plan, can I still work with LEAP Health?

Absolutely! We offer all appointments a la carte, but pricing is higher than what you would experience while on a membership plan. We also offer extra services available for purchase such as sports-performance evaluations, injury-risk screening, movement evaluations, home health assessments, shopping and meal preparation training, and much more. Never hesitate to book a consultation call or contact us with questions.

What are the payment options?

You may pay-as-you-go, or all at once, or monthly. It's up to you. Once your membership plan is established, an average per-appointment and monthly cost will be determined. You may choose to make payments in-person before each appointment, or opt-in for automated monthly payments at a discounted rate. Even larger discounts are also available if you choose to pay entire membership cost up-front. Contact our team for more details or questions on payment options.

How do I begin a membership?

Go to our online booking portal to schedule a consulation. You may also call/text at at (616) 227-0812 and we can get you scheduled. We offer free consultation calls or 30-minute consultation visits. Consultation visits are only available at a locally-partnered gym facility (we do not come to homes/offices for consultation visits, but we would love to talk to you over the phone, or meet with you at the gym). If you are already ready to begin a membership plan, you can also use our online booking portal or call us to schedule an "onboarding appointment" with a provider to get started.

How flexible is appointment scheduling during my membership?

Very flexible. The exact amount of appointments and when/where these appointments happen (home, gym, etc.) will be customized to fit your exact needs. Membership plans have a total number of appointments built into them (which will be determined by you and your provider during your free consultation). Once you start your membership, you may schedule your allotted amount of appointments as you please. Use them once per week, or all during a 3-week stretch. Our providers will advise on how to generally spread them out, but ultimately, it's totally up to you.

How exactly is cost determined?

Because of how personalized each membership plan is, cost will vary. Membership cost will be determined by: 1) The membership duration (3, 6 or 12 months) 2) Frequency of appointments (how many appointments a week/month) 3) Length of appointment time (90, 60 or 45 mins) 4) The primary type of appointments you want to receive (slight increase in cost for home/office appointments)
5) The hourly rate of the provider you have chosen to work with
Once we discuss with you to decide on a schedule and plan that will help you meet your goals, we will give you an honest and value-driven quote on the cost of your membership. Schedule a consultation with our team and get a quote. Generally speaking, our per-appointment rate can be anywhere from $80-$195 depending on your exact plan.

Can I get multiple appointment types? Some at a gym & some at home?

Yes! As long as you schedule at least 48 hours in advanced, you may mix and match home, office or gym visits. This will be discussed with your provider during your onboarding appointment at the beginning of your membership. However, keep in mind that some providers may not be available for certain appointment types.

Appointment location change requests with less than 48 hours notice require verbal phone approval by your provider.

Do I have full control over which provider I work with, where I see them and at what time?

Yes! As a member with LEAP Health, you have the final say in which provider you want to work with, where you see them (home, gym, etc.) and at what time. Once on a membership, you may change your session details or provider as you wish.

However, not all LEAP Health providers offer all service types, are available at all locations, offer appointments at the same times, and have the same pricing. Making changes after your custom membership has been established may lead to changes in cost or availability.

For example, some LEAP Health providers choose not to offer home appointments; some may offer strictly gym appointments; some may schedule weekend appointments only. When you book an appointment with a specific provider, you will see the locations, appointment types and scheduling times they offered. To work with them, you must work within those boundaries, or contact us with special requests.

Do I always have appointments with the same provider?

It is up to you! Most members choose to stick with one provider exculsively; however, you may switch between eligible providers in your location/city.

Occasionally, if providers are on vacation or sick, they may offer the opportunity to have your appointment covered by another LEAP Health provider, but that scheduling decision is completely up to you.

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