Membership plans that suit your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

Strategic Plans

LEAP Health will work with you through monthly membership plans. This allows you to receive consistent service over a period of time that will lead you to the sustained results you want to achieve. Real results take time and consistency.

Ultimate Customization 

During your consultation call or visit, we'll get a better understanding of your specific goals, interests, and scheduling needs. We then work with you to strategize a plan for services, appointments, and pricing. Membership plans are tailored just for you.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing will depend on the specifications and customizations of your personalized membership plan. Memberships are customized to fit any budget and can be canceled at any time. For more information on pricing, check out our FAQ section later on this page.

Take a look at what's included:

Book a free consultation call or visit to get an exact pricing quote and to see if LEAP Health is right for you.

Consultation visits include movement testing, pain screening, and a doctor's report with findings  (usually a $150 value)!


Membership FAQs

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